Install the extension that corresponds to your favorite Web browser by clicking on the matching button below.

 Install Chrome extension  Install Edge extension  Install Firefox extension

Once installed, click the Aprelendo button (which should have been added to your browser's main toolbar) to import the content of the page being displayed in the active tab. You can also use the extension's shortcut. By default, it is set to Shift+Ctrl+L, but you may need to configure this manually.

For a step-by-step guide, we recommend you to watch the following video:


Bookmarklets are a "one-click" tool which add functionality to the browser. From a user perspective, they work very much like regular bookmarks.

For more information on bookmarklets, we suggest reading Wikipedia's article on this subject.

How are bookmarklets different from extensions?
  • They do basic tasks on clicking.
  • They are universal, i.e. they usually work on any browser and whatever the platform, mobile or desktop.
  • They are managed as any bookmarks.

What does Aprelendo use bookmarklets for?

Aprelendo uses bookmarklets to automagically parse the text of the current web page and add it to your library.

It's an alternative to creating specific addons for different browsers. It's easier to implement and has the added advantage that it works in almost any device and/or browser.

How do I install Aprelendo's bookmarklet in my web browser?

To install the bookmarklet, simply:

  1. Show the Bookmarks Toolbar:

    In Firefox: Go to View > Toolbars > Bookmarks toolbar

    In Google Chrome: Go to View > Show bookmarks bar

  2. Drag the following link to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

    Add to Aprelendo

    It should now appear on the toolbar.

Mobile devices

The easiest way is to add the bookmarklet in your desktop device, synchronize your favorite Internet browser and wait for the bookmarklet to be automatically added to your mobile device.

How to use Aprelendo's bookmarklet once installed

Simply go to the web page you would like to add to you library and click on Aprelendo's bookmarklet. It's as easy as it gets.

Mobile devices

Go to the web page you would like to add to you library, tap on the URL bar and start to write "Aprelendo". Choose Aprelendo's bookmarklet and let the magic happen.

In both cases, you'll be redirected to Aprelendo so that you can do changes to the text before uploading it to your library.

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